About Us
The Perea Family
We are a humble Christian family with a deep love for dogs. They have been a constant presence in our lives, keeping us on our toes and bringing us much entertainment. We want our boys to grow up with these working dogs so they will see first hand the truth, that consistent effort reaps a bountiful reward. As we train and hunt with our dogs we have high hopes that our respect and love for these breeds will be passed on to our children and then to the generations to come.

Big Tooth Kennels in Colorado - Just a little update on how our family has grown over the last years and the newest addition to our kennel, Big Tooth's Muddy Maverick

Happy Holidays this 2018 Season!

Big Tooth Kennels adds another member to the family, "Big Tooth's Mandigo Matilda."

Fenway Brock from Fenway Labradors , England

Big Tooth Kennels adds yet another member to the family, "Big Tooth's Fenway Fowler." This pup comes to us all the way from Fenway Labradors in Lancashire, England. We are so proud of our new addition. He is everything we wanted in a working labrador; very calm, loyal, attentive, eager to please, has a perfect confirmation and coat, and is the icon of a Classic English working dog! He will be available to stud in the years to come after he develops his hunting skills and completes his training.